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We are a team of banking expert with an array of financial product and services, operating to secure your all kinds of financial interest with the help of our expert support & solution.

Is there any consultancy fee?

Yes its free.

How do you help?

In case of new loan/credit card/debt consolidation, we gather information and requirement from the customer. Our expert then analyses your information and discuss the case with the policy team, who deals with different banks policy and recommend a suitable bank. In case of debt settlement, our expert gathers information, make debt plan suitable to you and try to negotiate with your bank on your behalf.

What are your services?

We offer a wide range of services, of which, few are listed below

  • Arranging personal loan / business loan, Credit card, Overdraft from best possible financial institutions in UAE.
  • Helping in opening personal/business accounts.
  • Facilitating Debt settlement, debt consolidation, buyout all liabilities through best possible banks.
  • Negotiating debt settlement with your bank on your behalf etc.
How do you suggest the best financial institutions?

We gather all the required details from the customer and our bank policy expert research on it to find out a perfect, compatible and best possible institution to go ahead. While doing this exercise, we keep your data and identity strictly confidential.

What is the validity of the service fee paid?

Most of the time service fee is valid for a series of actions and required job mutually agreed, but it may last 120 days.

Do you have any free service?

Yes, we have telephonic consultancy which is free for 2 hours every day between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Sunday to Thursday. Kindly call our contact center and book your appointment for teleservice.

Are there any minimum salary criteria for your service?

We have sating criteria as per the bank policy.

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